Lani & Kai Founders


Create Sustainable Packaging design

Our client, Lani & Kai, is committed to carry-on sized packs that you use all of. Eliminating 60% of non-recyclable plastics from our packs and our landfills, our sunscreen is made to be conveniently carried.

In Hawai'i, we malama 'aina. We take care of the land and in return, the land takes care of us. No more lugging heavy, sticky containers. No more sunscreen graveyards of lost or forgotten bottles you keep rebuying in the back of a bathroom shelf. No more throwing away expensive tubes for TSA.


Reflecting the Aloha spirit in Packaging

We started by locking down on the inspiration boards, material, and logo type choice. Along the way, we utilized Miro as a fun interactive place for us to share ideas and for the team to add additional thoughts every step of the way.








Create Sustainable Packaging design

Pushing for a more beauty forward and earthy look, the Lani & Kai brand now reps an all-natural feel that looks and looks natural and speaks directly to their target user.

OUT in the wild

Lani & Kai has taken off!

We are excited for our team to officially launch their product in 2020 and have sold hundreds of shipments across the US.
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Working with their team to understand their business goals as well as the impact their company wanted to have was our main focus. The Lani & Kai brand needed to reflect their values from the material choices to their aesthetic in the market. We are excited for the Lani & Kai team as they make waves in the world of eco-friendly products.