Who are we?

Our work has always been inspired by our passion for product and systemic transformation, and it’s still the backbone of our company. We provide services to startups and small businesses looking for a partner to create new digital experiences. But most importantly, we love to work with multi-disciplinary teams working to break new frontiers, push the boundaries of the unexpected, and take risks with you side-by-side.

David and Lori met in ArtCenter College of Design, where they both focused on Product Design and Social Impact Design. Both are one of the few designers in the US to receive the Designmatters Minor in social innovation, where they mastered a toolkit of design skills and strategies to navigate the complex dynamics of working with communities and designing for social impact. While Lori worked at BCG Digital Ventures to launch Fortune 500 startups as a Senior Strategic Designer, David co-created a class at ArtCenter College of Design teaching students R&D and Innovation methodologies and consulting at Dalberg. Both have traveled to multiple countries to do fieldwork with teams on financial inclusion, NASA's Ocean Worlds, reimagining service design in Healthcare and much more.

Now, they combine their skills to help others apply these design strategies to improve their products and systems.


Where are you going based on insights from the field?

Interaction Design

What is the best method of interaction for all those involved?

UI/UX Research

How might we better solve problems for its users and meet the overall value prop?

Product Design

How do we bring your physical and digital products to life in the real world?

The team

We work hard for your success

Lori Nishikawa

Researcher, Strategist, & Designer
Born and raised in Maui, Hawaii

David Hollo

Design Strategist & Product Designer
Born in Budapest, Hungary
Raised internationally
"We practice design in a way of looking at what needs to exist in the future... not just answering the needs of the present."
Lori Nishikawa
Co-founder of quovadis
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